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Sociology and Anthropology

This coursework programme is designed to equip graduates with a solid knowledge base and understanding of cultural, social and related issues in Africa, and in South Africa in particular. In the context of increasing globalisation, an understanding of different cultures and the skills to manage diversity are highly valued. This programme will benefit those in a wide variety of careers, including education, heritage conservation, tourism, community development, print and electronic media, health services, the diplomatic service or research.

Admission requirements:

Applicants must have a B-degree in the social sciences, or equivalent, and must meet the requirements set by the anthropological unit. Candidates with an Honours degree in Anthropology may enter the programme at second year level.

Duration and structure:

The two-year full-time programme offers an Honours exit level after the first year.


Compulsory modules

  • The Study of Different Schools of Thought in Anthropology
  • Urban Anthropology
  • Applied Anthropology
  • Research Methodology
  • African Ethnography
  • Treatise

Plus three of the following:

  • African Archaeology and Ethnohistory
  • Medical Anthropology
  • Conflict, Culture & Ethnicity
  • Advanced Intercultural Communication Skills
  • Rural Development Practice
  • Advanced Public Management
  • Project Management and Project Management Techniques
  • Applied Conflict Management Skills
  • Communication Skills for Conflict Management
  • Religion, Conflict and Transformation
  • Geographical Information Systems