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Sociology and Anthropology


Sociologists have always wanted to understand how society operates. They are interested in how the parts of society (like the family, the economy, the political system, the law, the health system, and others) all fit together, and how society changes. This has led to the development of a ‘sociological imagination’, a creative perspective to the understanding of society. The ‘sociological imagination’ has stimulated the proliferation of specialisms within the field of sociology (such as the sociology of the family, group dynamics, industrial sociology, socio-criminology, and others), giving the discipline its diverse and dynamic nature.

Anthropology is the comparative study of humans and all their works, in time and space. The central problem studied by Anthropology is humans as physical-biological beings on the one hand and the behavioural patterns of humans as members of a community or an ethnic group on the other hand. Anthropology modules are designed to help you learn about diverse PEOPLE and their most powerful tool - CULTURE.