Avuyile Bongco

Masters’ candidate in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Nelson Mandela University. Her BA honours focused on the impacts of Austerity measures applied by the government from a feminist perspective. Research Assistant in the NIHSS maternal legacies of knowledge project. SCSF course intern. She holds an undergraduate qualification obtained at the University of the Western Cape. Her research interests include feminist research mainly maternal lineages. 

Johannes Loots

Johannes’ research interests are in the field of extremist studies, particularly far-right extremism here in South Africa through the use of methods such as content analysis and social network analysis.

Zizipho Tom

Zizipho holds a BA degree from the University of Western Cape and a BA Honours from Nelson Mandela University. Her research interests are in language and social justice. Zizipho’s Honours research project was on how language affects access to health care. Currently, the Masters research she is working on explores court interpreting and social justice. Zizipho is questioning how language and communication challenges that court interpreters face during court proceedings, affect the outcomes of justice. Her overall research interests are on social justice, sociology of health and gender studies.

Zanele Dyalivane       

Zanele Dyalivane is a first-year masters student at Nelson Mandela University. She completed her undergraduate BA degree in psychology and Sociology and a BA honours degree in Sociology from Nelson Mandela University. Her BA honours research paper focused on exploring Black female academics experiences of gender inequality and the copying strategies they use at South African Universities. Zanele`s research interests is widely focused on human rights, gender as well as labour studies.

Mary Chimwemwe Luhanga

Mary is a BA degree in Development studies and Journalism (double major) from Monash South Africa, and a BA Honors in Sociology from Nelson Mandela University. Her research interests are in matters of the society we currently live in. Mary’s honors research project was on effects of social media on youth’s mental health in Malawi. Regarding her master’s project, her research is investigating the influx of street children in Malawi.